La Chardousë Alpine Refuge

La Chardousë is an Alpine Refuge  in Borgata Vazon, a village of historic interest in the upper Susa Valley. It’s easily reached from Oulx, either by car, or on foot.

La Chardousë was built  by Claudio and Valentina,  its co-managers,   between 2004 and 2007.  We welcome all enthusiasts for the mountains, whether expert excursionists  or occasional hikers.

La Chardousë  has three floors,  with a traditionally furnished day area and small reading room on the ground floor, and sleeping accomodation on the top floor.

La Chardousë stands on the level,  is well exposed to the sun,  with plenty of outside space, and  is equipped for the disabled. Its managed by us, Claudio and Valentina. We hope that La Chardousë can satisfy all our customers’ needs, whether accomodation for the night, traditional meals, simple afternoon snacks, rolls and drinks; along with assistance and advice for excursions in the area.

We’ve devoted the last six years to rebuilding and equipping the refuge with particular attention to preserving what was left of the original building, including the stone vaulted ceiling,     which remains from the original Alpine Refuge which stood on this site in the late 1700s.

We’re happy to be able to welcome you all…

(*) “ chardousë “  is the Occitana dialect word for a flower  of the genus Carlina – traditionally decorating the doors or  front walls of houses in the mountains. Sprigs of chardousë, sensitive to humidity,  function as natural calendars. They’re also often used as lucky charms to ward off the malign influences of the night,  stop witches from passing, and bring good luck.